TRIMET manages financial, market as well as operational risks by using a variety of tools.
Hereby our team creates utmost value to our partners and ensures superior performance at each stage of the aluminium business.

We are experts in procurement of raw materials used for the aluminium production. We guarantee quality and supply by making use of our diversified global network and our expertise in logistics. We provide excellent end-to-end service.

Sales & Trading
Trimet runs an asset-backed global trade book. We are an active supplier to all the leading users of aluminium including the automotive, aerospace, packaging, engineering, construction and cable industries. We combine our expertise of markets, risk-management and logistics to provide tailored solutions for our partners.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Primarily consultancy based, we advise our partners on mergers and acquisitions. We leverage our know-how in global markets, asset valuation and risk management to support our partners.

Project Management
We offer a variety of project-based services catering to the needs of our partners. Expertise include: inventory management and financing, procurement, freight management, interim management, commercial management and strategic consultancy. Our involvement can range from analysis, consulting, coaching to execution